Kenwood Marine Stereos Offer Current Technology

Kenwood StereosMarine stereos are typically one to two years behind car audio equipment in terms of technology.  Often, someone will be looking for features they have in their car in their boat, but they find that the systems available are lacking.  Kenwood is one of the few manufacturers who has stayed a step ahead and offered a lot of the same great features in their marine products as they do in their automotive lines.

While most manufacturers were only offering iPod or iPhone connectivity via a special cable with a 30 pin connector, Kenwood had a USB connection for their products.  That decision proved to be prophetic as Apple went with a USB connection for the iPhone 5 and completely abandoned the 30 pin connection that had been the staple of their products.

Kenwood also offered one of the first marine stereos with Pandora and I Heart Radio compatibility to the delight of many fans of those services.  Now they could be enjoyed on boats.

Of course, Kenwood marine stereos also have  the ability to play MP3 files from smart phones other than Apple products and also MP3 players and thumb drives.

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