Pioneer Skips Marine Stereos, But Not Speakers

Pioneer SpeakersSurprisingly, for a big name in the stereo business, Pioneer Electronics has opted not to produce any marine stereos.  Instead they encourage boaters to use their car audio products in their vessels.  We think this is a mistake.  On a boat, circuitry is exposed to a lot more humidity and salt than in a car and our experience is that life expectancy for a car stereo on a boat is about 1 year.

Pioneer has offered a waterproof wired remote so that you can mount the stereo in the cabin and mount the remote outside, but availability has been sparse.  Of course, not all boats even have a cabin, so we don’t find that to be a very good tradeoff.

On the bright side, Pioneer has been producing marine speakers for quite some time and they are in use on many boats.  The sound quality is good and the durability is acceptable, but I would not call them high end speakers by any means.

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